Landmarks in Veneto

An endless variety of landscapes is possibly the main element of the Veneto region. Gentle hills to the south, rising north to green velvet prairies against the background of the rocky pinnacles of the Dolomites. But also the cities, each a masterpiece, built in the centuries in the pursuit of beauty, Verona, Padua and Treviso just to quote the most famous, and the gems on Lake Garda and the smaller lakes, each an enchanting discovery for the traveler.
Antiquity in Veneto Around the precious crown on top of all, Venice, the unique, unforgettable city in the lagoon, built stone after stone in the sea in the course of thousands of years, an ispiration for painters and poets from all over the world, the place everyone wants to visit once in a lifetime, the enchanting destination of honeynoomers and tourists from all over.

Veneto, a region where art appears at every town corner, was disputed for long centuries among the most powerful northern Italian families, the Scaligeri, Carraresi and Visconti, before becoming part of the "Serenissima", the Republic of Venice, and each of these families built castles and amazing villas, the populations fortified their towns, giving the territory the unmistakable charm of an ancient, noble history written not only in books but, more importantly, in the landscape and architecture.