Landmarks in Valle d'Aosta

Dozens of small side valleys flowing into the wide central valley where Aosta is located, the valleys rising with chestnut and fir woods up to the bare lands of rocks and ice, the majestic summits, the highest in Europe.
Castles in Valle d'Aosta This is the smallest Italian region, a land where the mountain spirit is everywhere, in the solitary paths, the sunny plateaus under an impossible blue sky, the fashionable skiing resorts. Myriads of powerful castles, lost in the fabulous mist of their courageous architecture in this land of snows, glaciers, majestic summits and absolutely green valleys.

Almost an icon the castle of Fenis, with its innumerable towers and pinnacles and also boasting the presence of a ghost, though also the smaller forts and the towers around the city of Aosta have their special, remote fascination of times gone by.