Landmarks in Lombardia

This is a 2-faced land: the industrial, commercial heart, one of the main financial centers in Europe, and side by side a mosaic of farmlands down south along the left bank of the Po river. Renaissance towns embellished by artistry and powerful lords, and at the foot of the Alpine summits the large Italian lakes. A region of waters with all the tributaries of the mighty Po River, and forming a myriad a wonderful valleys, with fantastic villas overlooking the lakes.
Antiquity in Lombardia Visions of landscapes that nurtured the mind of Catullus, Virgil, Dante, Puccini, and Manzoni. And at the heart of everything, the cosmopolitan city, Milan, with its multi-pinnacled cathedral and the "Madonnina" at top, blessing this land so rich of nationalities, artistry and natural beauty.

A region of such great strategic importance in European history, at the crossroads between the German civilization and the Mediterranean, always had imposing, powerful fortresses and sighting towers along the natural borders of the rivers Ticino, Adda and Po and the huge lakes; some of these are among the most impressive in Italy, as the Vigevano castle, and many rise in positions of great beauty, as those on Lake Maggiore, or have been transformed in rich mansions as those of the Sforza family.