Landmarks in Liguria

Almost no plains here, with the rocks of the Appennines plunging into the Mediterranean sea and creating small sandy bays, high cliffs, natural ports and enchanted gulfs. The land is covered with forests of pine trees, oaks, juniper, that approaching the sea give way to olive and fruit trees, oleanders, and a wonderful explosion of flowers and tropical-like vegetations. Each little plot of farmed land was a conquest for the Ligurians, a hard-working people that during thousands of years changed the steep cliffs into terraces where to grow vegetable and vinegards producing a gentle wine.
Castles in Liguria "Genuensis ergo mercator", Genoese therefore merchant - it was the motto of this seafaring people, that from the major ports of Genoa, Savona, La Spezia, sailed to discover the world.

The Ligurian landscape is an inextricable mixture of nature and boroughs rising on cliffs, mysterious bays where astonishing marble villas appear among the green of gardens overlooking the sea, and then the fashionable resorts of Rapallo, Portofino, Sanremo, side by side with the fishing towns where under the setting sun fishermen draw up their nets. Then there are the busy commercial ports and ship docks of Genoa, once the queen of the Thyrrenian sea, and still today a major harbor.

Starting from the 10th century AD in Liguria many castles and fortresses were built, both along the coast as a defense against invasions from the sea, and in the hinterland as mansions of powerful lords.