VALIGIE DI CARTONE, "The Italian Dream"

A film by Germano Di Mattia, a project by cultural association OMNIA, script-writer and director Germano Di Mattia.

The documentary is a very nostalgic portrait of Italian emigrants, based on the memories of the italians in the world and about effects of the Italian emigration. Germano Di Mattia, an extraordinary director at his second film, portrayed the world of emigrants with great inspiration, sensibility, and that special Italian exuberance, against the strong and fragile beauty of Abruzzo and Italy, tracing the history of emigrants from Abruzzo and Italy before and after World War II, and following them for 50, 60 years... The filming took place in Abruzzo, the U.S.A., New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, Venezuela and lasted 15 months.

Pictures and interview from Australia, Belgium, Argentina, South Africa, Great Britain, the U.S.A., New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, with their large Italian communities. "Valigie di cartone - the italian dream" is a mosaic of different generations of italians in the world. The original motion picture sound track was composed by prominent italian musicians and employed traditional instruments as guitars, accordion, piano and violins, becoming an unforgettable, essential part of "Valigie di cartone".