Vittorio Veneto, Province of Treviso, Veneto

Vittorio Veneto lies in a picturesque position at the foot of the Prealpi. The name of the place was chosen in honor of king Vittorio Emanuele II, and was formed from the union of the two ancient centers of Serravalle and Ceneda. After the final battle of the First World War was fought here, the name was changed to Vittorio Veneto.


  • Population: about 29000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 31029
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0423
  • Frazioni & Localities: Adalto, Ceneda, Carpesica, Confin, Costa, Fais, Forcal, Formeniga, Manzana, Maren, Nove, San Lorenzo, Savassa, San Floriano, San Giacomo di Veglia, Santa Giustina, Sant'Andrea.


In 951 AD the bishop of Ceneda was given by emperor Otho I the jurisdiction also on the territory, and both centers were under a mild bishopric rule until they were absorbed by the Republic of Venice in 1768.

The strategic position at the entrance of the narrow canyon leading to the Cadore area and the vicinity to the river Meschio are the reasons of the great prominence of the town. Mills, paper plants, foundries and sawmills were flourishing industrial and pre-industrial activities in the area.

What to see

  • The Castello di San Martino, the seat of the bishops, dominating the town of Ceneda.
  • The 18th-century Cathedral of Ceneda, la Cattedrale built on a project of Ottavio Sconi with works by Palma il giovane, and Jacopo da Valenza.
  • The Pieve di Sant'Andrea in Bigonzo, the most ancient church of the area, probably already existing in the 5th century, but renovated in the 14th century according to the Romanesque-Gothic style, preserving works by Francesco da Milano, Palma il Giovane and Marco Vecellio.
  • The beautiful Clock tower in Serravalle, next to the ancient hospital building.
  • In the ancient townhall of Ceneda the fine Loggia designed by Andrea Sansovino, containing three frescos by Pomponio Amalteo. The palace hosts the Museo della Battaglia, with items and relics from WW1.
  • The Loggia Serravallese, with the belltower of the 15th century, hosting the Museo del Cenedese, a collection of archeological items and works of art of the area.

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