Province of Caltanissetta, Sicilia

The territory of the province includes environmental areas as the Lake Biviere di Gela, an important spot for migratory birds, the southern Valley of the Imera, the Lake Soprano of Serrafidalco and the beautiful Sugherata forest at Niscemi.
The province appears divided into two sections connected through a narrow corridor, whith the southern part being the most populated with centers as Niscemi, Riesi, Mazzarino, Sommatino, and along the coast the harbor of Gela.


  • Area: 2128 km²
  • Population: about 280,000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal codes: 93100, 93010-93019
  • Phone Area Codes: 0934, 0933, 0922
  • Car Plate: CL
  • Communes: 22 communes.

The Comuni in the Province

Acquaviva Platani | Bompensiere | Butera | Caltanissetta | Campofranco | Delia | Gela | Marianopoli | Mazzarino | Milena | Montedoro | Mussomeli | Niscemi | Resuttano | Riesi | San Cataldo | Santa Caterina Villarmosa | Serradifalco | Sommatino | Sutera | Vallelunga Pratameno | Villalba

The Economy

Since the Middle Ages there was a remarkable wine-production activity, and today the province produces still great wines, among them the "nero d'Avola" and a number of spumante wines. Another outstanding trade was the production of pipes made with the root of Erica Arborea, the craft of decorated glass (stained glass). In the local mountains there is also abundance of the renowned Avola almonds.

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