Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardegna

This town is well known for the astounding beauty of the surrounding landscape, with small bays under granite cliffs, crystalline water and white sandy beaches. It rises on a promontory only 11 miles from Corsica, and the Maddalena island group is also within sight in the distance.


  • Population: about 5,000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal codes: 07028
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0789


It was founded during the early 19th century by King Vittorio Emanuele I near the ancient fortress of Longonsardo, though this farthest point of northern Sardinia was inhabited by many ancient people since prehistory, at least since the nuragic period (4000 BC).

The Romans also established here two settlements: Longonis and Tibula, the former a fishermen village, the latter was at the final part of the consular road. The name Longonis probably derives from the peculiar shape of the long bay. The Romans used this area to cut the precious granite rocks, used to build monuments and houses in ancient Rome, as well as the columns of the Pantheon in Rome.

In medieval times, during the maritime republics, Longonsardo (the medieval name od the place) was founded by the Pisans, as a strategic point just 11 miles far from Corsica which was ruled by Genoa, Pisa's great enemy.


  • 28th of April, Sa Die de sa Sardigna a traditional festival of the Sardinian people.

What to see

  • Beautiful "cale" (small beaches in secluded bays) such as Capotesta, la Marmorata and Cala Spinosa.
  • The Nuragic giants tomb at Lu Brandali and La Testa.
  • Archeological sites of the Nuragic period, especially near Capotesta.

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