Province of Isernia, Molise

The province is situated in the middle of the Appennine chain, between the Thyrrenian and the Adriatic but unconnected to the sea. It was established in 1970 with 52 Municipalities previously belonging to the Province of Campobasso. According to an administrative reform, from 1 Jan 2014 the Province is scheduled for merging with the Province of Campobasso.

The Territory

The territory of the Province, where the most ancient presence of man in Europe was recorded, can offer important signs of the presence of many civilizations: pre-historic settlements, Samnite fortresses, Roman towns, imposing medieval castles, Romanesque and baroque churches, as well as a natural landscape that for the uniqueness of the vegetation and wildlife is now included in parks and natural reserves.

The Province has a rich heritage of the transhumance economy of past ages, when twice each year thousands of shepherds from Abruzzo and Molise traveled with millions of sheep in early autumn down to the Apulian plains and then in May back to the mountain pastures: over 100 km of grass highways, 111 mt wide, crossing the landscape, and leaving their marks on the face of the land and the customs of the people.

The Comuni in the Province

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