Cercepiccola, Province of Campobasso, Molise

Near to Cercemaggiore, it rises on a hill dominating the valley of the Tammaro river, probably on the site of an ancient Roman settlement identified by some historians as "Saepinum".


  • Territory: mountainous
  • Altitude: 679 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 750 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 86010
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0874
  • Patron Saint: St. Donato, celebrated on August 7
  • Frazioni & Localities: Casale, Colle San Marco, Crocella, Morena, Piano di Luzio, Ruo Piano, Sterparello.


The name derives from "Quercus Minor", meaning "small oak". In the 14th century it was called "Cerzula Pizula", and in 1608 the final name "Cercepiccola" appears in a notary document. The Carafa were the last of the many feudal lords of the place. The economy still relies on farming, agriculture and local crafts, like the production of "Fruscelle" and "Campese" kind of baskets for cheeses and ricotta.

What to see

  • The Parish Church of San Salvatore, in white stone, hosting inside a staute of SS. Concezione by Paolantonio di Zinno from Campobasso, dated 1770, and a "Trasfigurazione" painting of the 17th century, probably by Mattia Preti, called the Calabrese.
  • The 17th-century Canosa Palace, with four towers in the corners and a Roman stone with portraits in the courtyard, once the mansion of the Carafa family.
  • The beautiful, three-spout Fountain with water coming from the Chirchietto springs.

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