Bojano, Province of Campobasso, Molise

On the right bank of the Biferno river, just below Monte Crocella (1040 mt), in the heart of the Matese, Bojano is a highly picturesque little town, deservedly famous for its delicious "mozzarelle", made with the milk of cows grazing in the Matese mountains. The traditional female costume is very typical for its white, stiff triangular head-cover.


  • Altitude: 482 m a.s.l
  • Territory: mountainous
  • Population: about 8000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 86021
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0874
  • Frazioni & Localities: Castellone, Civita Superiore, Monteverde, Alifana, Campi Marzi, Case Prusciello, Case Sant'Antonio Abate, Case Tilli, Chiovitti, Codacchio, Cucciolone, Fonte delle Felci, Imperato, Malatesta, Masseria Pitoscia, Masserie Ciccagne, Pallotta, Pitti, Rio Freddo.


The name Bojano derives from the latin Bovianum, and is connected to a legend of a southward migration from Sabina (north-east of Rome) of a Samnite tribe following a sacred ox (bos in latin) which, under the leadership of Mars, the war god, stopped here to show where the new home would be.

Bovianum was a Samnite center in the war against the Romans, who sieged and conquered it repeatedly. During the wars aginst Hannibal Bovianum was a loyal ally to the Romans. Then in the social wars it was for some time the Italic Capital. The ruins of the ancient town, destroyed by earthquakes in 853 a.D., in 1309, 1456 and 1805, are below the present settlement.

What to see

  • The church of Santa Maria, 18th century, with an elegant stone belltower.
  • The Cathedral of San Bartolomeo, with a stone facade and belltower, and left of the portal some ancient Roman stones.
  • The Park of the Villetta, containing many Roman tombstones and other remains.
  • The Languebard Castle at Civita, about 4 km.
  • The Biferno Springs, Canalone di San Vito, and the Matese, favourite destinations for trekking and mountain climbing.
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