Bergamo (BG), Lombardy

The capital of its province, Bergamo is a quite large centre bordered to the north by seven hills and divided into a Città Bassa and Città Alta, the latter including the medieval citadel, still today completely surrounded by powerful walls (only 3 other Italian province capitals, Ferrara, Lucca and Grosseto, are still completely surrounded by walls).


  • Altitude: 249 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 110,000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 24100
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 035
  • Patron Saint: St. Alessandro, celebrated on 26th August, and Santa Grata, celebrated on 12th May
  • Frazioni & Localities: Boccaleone, Borgo Pignolo, Borgo Palazzo, Borgo San Lorenzo, Borgo Santa Caterina, Carnovali, Campagnola, Celadina, Colli, Colognola, Conca Fiorita, Grumello del Piano, Longuelo, Loreto, Malpensata, Monterosso, Redona, San Paolo, San Tomaso de' Calvi, Sant'Alessandro, Santa Lucia, Valtesse, Villaggio degli Sposi.
  • GPS Coordinates: 45°41'42"N 9°40'12"E

History - Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Bergomum was a Roman municipality, destroyed by Attila in the 5th century. Between 1264 and 1428 the town was ruled by Milan, but passed to Venetian control until 1797; the Venetians fortified the higher portion of the town.

Bergamo has a prominent place in music history. The large Romanesque church of S Maria Maggiore, begun in 1137, had a continuous and well-documented tradition of music teaching and singing for more than eight hundred years.

Modern Times

Since the town was under Venetian control, the musical style of the Venetians was imported as well and composers as Gasparo Alberti produced polychoral music. Prominent musicians born in Bergamo include Gaetano Donizetti, Pietro Locatelli and Antonio Lolli. Alessandro Grandi was Chapel Master until his death in the plague of 1630 when Tarquinio Merula, one of the founders of the early sonata, took his position.

During the Italian Risorgimento, the town contributed to Garibaldi expedition with a large number of volunteers, and for this reason was named the "Città dei Mille".

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