Italian Vintage Postcards

card This section features hundreds of vintage postcards, divided by Italian region.

Information on the Postcards

  • The postcards are described from direct examination, and they are sold as is, being old or vintage items and bearing therefore the signs of age. The unposted cards were dated with approximation on the basis of the vehicles, or fashion in clothes, or from other details. Posted cards and those bearing period stamps, and if postmarked, are usually more valuable under a historical point of view.
  • If you move the cursor on a thumbnail image of a card, you will see it in a larger size.
  • Most of the cards are available for sale, and they are all unique, so even if we check daily to remove the cards that were sold there may be on rare occasions duplicate orders, in which case we will send a refund.
  • The backs of the cards are not shown for privacy reason and because we do not know all the languages and cannot be sure of what is written.
  • Shipping, packing and handling is calculated as a flat 5 euros that will be added to the total, whatever the number of items, and shipment is by priority mail; insured and registered or UPS shipment can be added according to the destination, on request.