Ponte, Province of Benevento, Campania

Located in north-west of Benevento, Ponte is mainly an agricultural centre in southern Irpinia, at the foot of the Calore mountain group.


  • Altitude: 147 m a.s.l
  • Population: about 2400 inhabitants in 2022
  • Zip/postal code: 82030
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0824
  • Demonym: Pontesi
  • Patron Saint: Giovanni (Jan) Nepomuceno, celebrated on 16 May
  • Frazioni & Località: Canale, Colli, Ferrarisi, Monte, Piana, Puglia and Staglio


Most likely the name derives from a stone bridge built by the Romans over the course of the Alenta stream, the remains of which are still visible today. Many archaeological remains of Samnite and Roman times were found in its territory, such as Roman coins and a precious Samnite fibula, now preserved in the Sannio museum, similar to items of the last Mycenaean age found in Crete and Cyprus.

The earliest written record was in until 980 AD when the lucus of Ponte Sancte Anastasie appears in a grant of Lombard prince Pandolfo Testadiferro to the abbot of Santi Lupolo e Zosimo of Benevento. The present settlement was rose around the year 1000, around a castle which in 1087 became the property of Baldovino the Norman, a vassal of Count Rainulfo. Then Ponte came under various feudal lords, as the Fenucchio, the Sanframondo, the Caracciolos and finally, from 1585, the Sarriano family who held it until the abolition of feudalism in 1806.

In 1829 Ponte lost its autonomy and was united with Casalduni. In the second half of the 1800s the Pontesi began a long battle for autonomy. In 1892 it was detached from Casalduni to be united with Paupisi with the name of Ponte Paupisi. Finally in 1913 Ponte became an autonomous municipality.

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