Mirabella Eclano, Province of Avellino, Campania

46 kilometers far from the province capital, Avellino, and 30 from Benevento, the municipality lies between the Calore basin and the Ufita valley, in the historical-geographical district of Irpinia, and was heavily hit in the 1980 earthquake, which also claimed 25 victims and over 1,000 displaced citizens.


  • Altitude: 372 m a.s.l
  • Territory: hills
  • Population: about 7500 inhabitants in 2018
  • Zip/postal code: 83036
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0825
  • Demonym: eclanesi
  • Patron Saint: Madonna del Latte celebrated on 2 February.

Administrative Division

Frazioni & Localities: Frazioni & Localities: Acquafredda, Airola, Alvaneta, Amendola, Arenara, Barricella, Boschetto, Bosco San Pietro, Bosco Torre, Calore, Calore Variante, Cauzillo, Cerzito Alto, Cerzito Basso, Cerzito Grande, Cerzito Piccolo, Cesine, Chiocche Del Forno, Costa Ceraso, Esche, Fontana di Sale, Fontanelle, Foscari, Guinnazzi, Iscalonga, Lago, Madonna delle Grazie, Moliniello Pescara, Montesicco, Nociaccia, Passo di Mirabella-Pianopantano, Perrotta, Pescole, Petraro, Petrito, Piana dei Greci, Pigno, Pomice, Ponterotto, Pozzillo Muso, Prefabbricati Concezione Monte, Prefabbricati Fontanelle, San Francesco, San Leonardo, San Martino, San Paolo, San Pietro, Santa Caterina, Sommito, Vadelupo.

What to see

  • The church of Santa Maria Maggiore which has a fine wooden vault painted in 1749.
  • The ruins of the original Samnite settlement, in the Archaeological Park of Aeclanum accessible from Via Nazionale delle Puglie.
  • The Eneolithic Necropolis in Madonna delle Grazie.

Where to stay

Events and Festivities

  • The "Feast of the Obelisco", celebrated on the third Saturday of September in honour of the Virgin Mary.


The origins of the town are very old; the Samnites called it Aeclanum, and it was destroyed and rebuilt many times during the centuries. In 89 AD it became a roman Municipium. Only in 1340 its name became as we know it today.
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