Basciano, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo

Basciano The village rises on a hill on the right bank of the Vomano.


  • Altitude: 390 m a.s.l
  • Distance from Teramo: 21 km
  • Population: ca. 2200 inhabitants
  • Postal code: 64030
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0861
  • Frazioni: Feudo da Borea, Feudo da Sole, San Rustico, Sant'Agostino, Santa Maria, Tomolati, Pantane, Sbaragli, Pian Mulino, Zampitto, Villa Portone, Villa Frio, Villa Ginestre, Cretone, Villa Guidotti, Vallone
  • How to reach it: by road, Km 20 A14


The medieval centre rose in the XI century on the site of a Roman vicus of the I century B.C. and probably a pre-Roman settlement. In the course of the century it belonged to the Houses of Collepietro, Acquaviva and de Scorciatis

What to see

  • The San Giorgio Tower, with a clock, above the ancient door leading into the medieval citadel
  • The church of San Flaviano, XI century, with fine XIV century paintings
  • The church of Santa Maria, outside the walls, with a ceiling in painted ceramics.

Events and Festivities

  • Second week in August: Sagra del Prosciutto abruzzese and "Ddù botte" Festival, a competition among players of local instruments, with a procession of allegorical carts.
  • September: Passeggiata delle Canestrelle, a procession to the Madonna of Ponte Lungo to offer gifts.

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