Rosciano, Province of Pescara, Abruzzo

Rosciano The village is located in a hilly area to the left of the Pescara river. It includes a Byzanthine-rite community in its hamlet of Villa Badessa.


  • Altitude: 242 m a.s.l
  • Distance from Pescara: 27 km
  • Population: ca. 3200 inhabitants
  • Postal code: 65020
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 085
  • Frazioni: Villa Badessa
  • How to reach it: by road, s.s. 5; by motorway: A25 exit Alanno-Scafa.


In the nearby localities called Cerri and Coccetta there were archeological findings of the Italic period (before the Roman occupation). In medieval times the Normans built the castle with the tower called "dei Paladini", and their commander, Roscio from Lichtenberg, gave his name to the place, that appeared in the Catalogue of the Barons (1150-1168) as Russanum. Belonging to Chieti in 1495, it came later under the De Felici from Pianella.

What to see

  • The 15th-century Tower.
  • The medieval church of Sant'Eurasia, renovated in the 18th century.
  • The church of San Nicola, with Renaissance frescoes.
  • The nearby Villa Badessa is an ethnic and linguistic Arbëreshë enclave; though the language is now gone from daily speech, it remains however in liturgical rituals of the local Byzantine church, belonging to the greek Eparchia of Lungro, Calabria. The inhabitants of this small hamlet were refugees from Morea, Corfu and the coast of Epirus who arrived in Abruzzo to escape from the Ottoman domination, and were given lands in Rosciano by King Charles III of Bourbon in 1743. The church preserves a rich collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, which is among the major icons collection of Western Europe.

Events and Festivities

  • Late July: Feast of Sant'Antonio.

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