29 April 2001

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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29 April 2001 - Il Messaggero

Congress on Ignazio SIlone / Convegno sullo scrittore di Pescina, by Francesco Di Miero
Today and tomorrow in the Spanish Fortress, L'Aquila, on May 1st in Pescina, (teatro San Francesco), researchers from all over the world will meet to discuss "Ignazio Silone, l'età dei tolitarismi e la cultura politica e letteraria degli anni '20 e '30". Born Secondino Tranquilli, a Communist militant and an adversary of totalitarianism, Silone was recently suspected of having helped the Fascist regime. Many hope the congress will clear things. His widow says he may have helped the regime somehow after his brother was arrested.

29 April 2001 - Il Centro

Sulmona - Cardone among the world's best scientists / Cardone tra gli scienziati del 2000, by Barbara Zarrillo
Fabio Cardone appears in the Cambridge International Biography center. His biography will be included in the soon to be published volume «The 2000 best scientists of the 21st century». He was a professor in a number of USA universities and presently is Professor of Physics in Università La Sapienza, Rome. His studies concentrate on the Einstein's theory of space and time.

29 April 2001 - Il Centro

Penne - A new archeological museum / Apre il museo archeologico, by Alessandra Blasioli
The new museum follows the history of the territory from the Paleolithic Age to medieval times. Inauguration May 3rd in the former bishopry Palace. Many multimedia supports help the visitors in understanding the development of human presence. Also a wonderfully reconstructed warrior's tomb. In the first room the whole Leopardi collection is hosted.

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