12 April 2001

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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12 April 2001 - Il Centro

Pescara - World-level Pastries at Camplone's / Pasticceria mondiale con Fabrizio Camplone
In piazza Garibaldi, Pescara, Tullio Camplone had his bar and pastry shop. His son and heir Fabrizio is now among the best "pasticceri" in Italy. This year he was awarded the second prize in Malta, and two years ago won a silver medal in Montecarlo. His secret is a professional but familiar touch. His creations: true emotions.

12 April 2001 - Il Centro

Guardiagrele - Oil and farro in Caprafico / Olio e farro in Caprafico
The Piana di Caprafico is a divine place. 30 km from the sea, and not far from the ski-fields either, biological crops and olive trees are grown on pebble soil. The miracle was made by Giacomo Santoleri, a pioneer of biological agriculture in Abruzzo. His agritour centre can accomodate 8 people.

12 April 2001 - Il Centro

Good Friday / Venerdì Santo, by Jolanda Ferrara
This long interesting article deals in detail with some of the most celebrated processions in Abruzzo, among them the Processione del Cristo Morto in Chieti, the Living Via Crucis in Gessopalena. The meaning and traditions of the congregations in the different places are analyzed.

12 April 2001 - Il Centro

The Talami of Resurrection / I Talami della Resurrezione
In this articles the many rites connected to the resurrection of Christ in many places in Abruzzo are described: in Lanciano on Saturday night and Easter morning, then the celebrated Madonna che scappa in Sulmona, and similar representations in Corropoli and Spoltore, and on Tuesday the spectacular Talami in Orsogna.

12 April 2001 - Il Centro

Pre-christian rites / I Culti Pre-cristiani
All the celebrations connected to the Passion and Resurrection of Christ grew over ancient pagan rites for the rebirth of nature and as good omen for the new harvest. The pagan god Adonis, who died and was then born again was a symbol of green life in nature. The pre-Christian rites were connected to the fertility of the fields, a great symbol of which was represented by the leaves of the olive tree.

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