28 March 2001

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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28 March 2001 - Il Messaggero

Vasto - Begging San Michele for the rain / Sabato si farà una processione propiziatoria, by Gianni Quagliarella
Almost no rain for 4 months, so the farmers decided to resort to their patron: the statue of San Michele Arcangelo on 31 march will be placed in the square before the church, facing South East to the cave of San Michele on the Gargano. 30 years ago too the patron's help came in the form of healthy rains for the countryside.

28 March 2001 - Il Centro

D'Angelo's bitter America / L'America amara di D'Angelo, by Gino Melchiorre
«Son of Italy» by Abruzzese Pascal D'Angelo has been published in Italy for the first time (edizioni Il Grappolo, 25 mila lire). The author left his native Introdacqua with his father at 14 years old in search of a fortune that never came. He worked as stone digger, but gradually literary inspiration took over and he started to write poems and fiction, learning to master the foreign language and staying even after his father had come back to Italy. But success came late, he fell ill and died in 1932 at 38 years old. His story is similar in a way to «Cristo fra i muratori» written by Pietro Di Donato (born in Vasto though his family was from Taranta Peligna) and different from the story told by Giansante, a second generation Abruzzese.

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