25 March 2001

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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25 March 2001 - Il Messaggero

Civitella Roveto - Birthday party for nonna Grazia / I cento anni di nonna Grazia , by Jole Mariani
Te party comes a bit late, since last 5 march the village was under a heavy snowfall. Grazia Cicchinelli was honored by a special Mass, by a visit of the authorities, flowers and a giant birthday cake. A mother of five (the eldest is 80) she was in hospoital for the first time in her life some months ago.

25 March 2001 - Il Centro

Ortucchio - Buccilli family reunion / Saranno in 100 Buccilli
Over 130 years after their ancestor Pasquale Buccilli from Pratola Peligna moved to marsica, all the descendants will gather for a family reunion and a special Mass. The oldest family member is 94 and lives in San Benedetto dei Marsi.

25 March 2001 - Il Centro

Easter traditions / Pasqua, alle radici delle tradizioni, by Jolanda Ferrara
Easter rites go back to the Middle Ages in all places in Abruzzo, large or small. Among themost representative events the processione del Cristo morto in Chieti and the «Madonna che scappa» in Sulmona, the Orthodox rite Villa Badessa di Rosciano, the represantion of the mourning in Lanciano, the «Sacra spina» in Vasto, the «Passione vivente» in Gessopalena, the «Buon giorno» in Pianella, the «Talami» in Orsogna, the «Desolata» in Teramo theprocession among thefields to Luchi di San Tommaso, Caramanico. An article not to miss!

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