21 February 2001

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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21 February 2001 - Il Messaggero

New York - Fratti king in Broadway / Fratti dall'Aquila a Broadway, by Dom Serafini
Mario Fratti received five Tony Awards for the theatre. The author of 71 performed pieces, Mario moved to the Usa in 1963. Lat year he got the "Otto René Castillo Award for Political Theatre". Also a writer and university professor, he privileges themes challenging the social and political conventions of the American society.

21 February 2001 - Il Messaggero

Pescara - 200 candles for two / Duecento candeline in due
In spite of the bad traffic air, Guglielmina Aloisi from Castel del Monte and Filomena Nardizzi from Villa Santa Maria, both domiciled in Pescara for many years now, have reached the ambitious goal.

21 February 2001 - Il Centro

Casoli - The Banda Cannone / L'imprendibile banda Cannone, by Gino Melchiorre
When the Piedmontese Army took over in 1860, many "paesani armati" waged their loyalty to the defeated monarchy of Naples. On 20 october 1860 general Enrico Cialdini proclaimed death to whoever wwas caught with weapons, On Monte Macerone near Isernia many local "bandits" were killed. Thus the "brigantaggio " started officially to last for over 10 years. One of the most famous brigand was Domenico Valerio, "Cannone", born in 1838 near Casoli. The Banda Cannone, helped by the Borbons and the Church State, were guilty of many crimes. There were rumors that Cannone was killed in Molise, but the country people believed he had sailed for America.

21 February 2001 - Il Centro

Three books on the brigands / In tre libri la guida al brigantaggio
«Guida alle fonti per la storia del brigantaggio post unitario conservate negli Archivi di stato», three volumes listing the documents kept in the state archives of Southern italy connected to the brigants. Chieti l'Aquila, Lanciano, Sulmona and Pescara are in the second volume, Teramo in the third.

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