15 February 2001

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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15 February 2001 - Il Centro

Francavilla - Papier-mâché Magicians are back / Tornano i maghi della cartapesta, by Giuseppina Gherardi
The first parade is due tomorrow, but the " maestri cartapestai" have been working for months, since the director of the Associazione Carnevale Antonio D'Argento appointed Artistic Director William Zola. Soon afterwards the artisans started their creations: Gabriele Simoncini, 73, prepared the Don Quixote cart, Sergio Selvaggithe children's cart, etc. After preparing the puppets they mounted them and their mechanical gears on the carts. The framework is called "la chenocchie" and is covered with clay, then modelled with papier-mâché pasted with glue, made smooth, then painted. Each cart requires the work of 4-5 people for months.

15 February 2001 - Il Centro

Roma - D'Annunzio's secrets on show / In mostra i segreti della Roma di D'Annunzio, by Tiziana Testa
The exhibition "Dalla Roma bizantina alla Roma del nuovo Rinascimento" with photos, magazines and paintings on D'Annunzio's life in Rome will be open until 11 March in the Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna, Roma. A large part of the photos come from the collection of Count Luigi Primoli, a descendant of Bonaparte, who was a member of the "dolce vita" of the period. D'Annunzio had a photography master in Francesco Paolo Michetti, who loved to take pictures of the most authentic hidden views of Abruzzo and its people. Also the celebrated painting "Figlia di Jorio" on show.

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