2 January 2001

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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2 January 2001 - Il Messaggero

Morino - Water of eternal youth / L'acqua che dona l'eterna giovinezza, by Jole Mariani
From all over on the 1st of January people come to bathe in the miraculous water of Zompo Lo Schioppo. There are stories of wonderful healings and spiritual happiness. The followers of a Misoghi guru in Rome have come here for years now, dancing and praying almost naked before diving into the waterfall lake.

2 January 2001 - Il Centro

Introdacqua - Exhibition on the centers of the Sagittario valley / I paesi della valle del Sagittario in mostra
In the former townhall an exhibition until January 10 will be held with 50 posters showing the most beautiful hidden places in Introdacqua, Bugnara, Villalago, Anversa, Cocullo and Scanno and on the traditions and popular stories. The exhibition was organized by prof. Vincenzo Battista to favour tourism and therefore the economy of the area.

2 January 2001 - Il Centro

Spoltore - 101 candles on new Year's Day / Saluta il Capodanno con 101 candeline, by Gabriella Di Lorito
Genoeffa Crisante, born in Spoltore and domiciled in Caprara, welcomed the New Year surronded by children and relatives in the Palazzo Marino. Born at 2am on the Capodanno of the year 1900, she married Sabatino Giammarino, who deceased over 50 years ago, and they had seven children. She has also a great-great-grandchildren, son of a g-grandson living in Belgium.

2 January 2001 - Il Centro

Carpineto - 100 candles for Capodanno / Cento anni il 1 gennaio, by Antonio Di Clemente
Marianna Cappucci was 100 yesterday. Around her five of her six children, and her brothers Francesco (102 in march), Antonio (93) and Pasquale, only 88. A memorable feast with orchestra and cabaret. She remembers an aunt who reached 102. She's a great optimist: "The world was beautiful before and is beautiful today too. But in the past if you fell there was alwais someone to raise you".

2 January 2001 - Il Centro

Pescara - Exhibition with Cascella's photos / Le foto di Basilio Cascella in mostra
Inauguration tomorrow at 17 of 56 photos, 30 by 40 cm, from the collection of MediaMuseum, Museo nazionale del cinema e dell'audiovisivo, Pescara. The exhibition will be open from 31 January 9 to 13 hours.

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