6 October 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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6 October 2000 - Il Messaggero

L'Aquila / Flowers from the Ice Age / Fiori delle montagne dell'era glaciale, by Giovanni Pacioni, Botanics professor in the University of L'Aquila
At 2200 m above sea level, the Giardino Alpino in Campo Imperatore, founded in 1953 by Vincenzo Rivera, collects altitude plants of the Central Apennines of great botanical interest: some for their healing power, others "endemic", that is only present here, still others "glacial relics". The garden is open every day from 10 to 18, when there is no snow.

6 October 2000 - Il Centro

Ocre - Study meeting on the castle / Convegno sull'antico borgo fortificato, by Angela Baglioni
Medieval Archeology Professor Fabio Redi has just completed excavations in the area ot the Castle of Ocre, findind a possible pre-Roman village on which the medieval fort was later constructed. Ocre rises at 945 meters on Mount Circolo. A foundation in the memory of Prof Nardis, a great historian of the castle, was established to find ways and means to excavate and restore the castle.

6 October 2000 - Il Centro

Teramo - A successful website / Un trionfo per il sito di Teramo
A virtual art exhibition on the site of Manuela and Patrizia Cucinella at http://www.piziarte.net. A popularity contest ranked their site among the top in Italy in the art section. A special section is reserved to Abruzzese artists. Information is given like in a real art gallery, so that those interested in a work of art can contact the artist and make a purchase.

6 October 2000 - Il Centro

Pescara - Patron feast after 37 years / San Cetteo, torna la grande festa, by Lorenzo Colantonio
A mystery around the figure of San Cetteo, an "episcopus peregrinus", a missionary along the river who was a martyr under the Lombards in 480 AD. The feast, resumed after 37 years, will last 6 days. A program of musical events, lythurgy, spiritul meetings and an art contest for elementary school children. On Sunday at 19 a special concert of the chorus of Chieti with the Miserere by Saverio Selecchy. Fireworks on the sea to finish.

6 October 2000 - Il Centro

Casoli - Patron feast / Grande festa per la patrona
Tomorrow 7 october feast for Santa Reparata with fireworks, a musical band and later the "sfilata dei donativi e delle conocchie", with the inhabitants in Abruzzese folk costumes. In the afternoon a rally of ancient cars and a cycling competition. Procession in the evening.

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