4 October 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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4 October 2000 - Il Messaggero

Frisa - Special effects master Vaini / Vaini da Lanciano a Cinecittà
Guido Vaini, 65, originary of Guastameroli, was the special effects artist in Sylvester Stallone's "Daylight" and was hired now for "Gangs of New York" with the direction of Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. The scenes will be filmed in Rome.

4 October 2000 - Il Centro

Fossa - Tomb of a female child excavated / La tomba di una bambina scoperta a Fossa, by Angela Baglioni
In the burial rings, bracelets, and an amber table with elements used for a mind game (similar to "Tris") used as a toy (13th century BC). the child was about 3 years old. Another large tomb was also excavated, of about 2200 years ago, under which, it seems, there is a previous, more ancient burial. It is possible the Unesco will fund the excavation project.

4 October 2000 - Il Centro

Pescosansonesco - A museum on Beato Nunzio / Un museo sul Beato Nunzio
37 paintings made between 1979 and 1998 by Mario Di Donato on the life and miracles of Beato Nunzio were donated to the sanctuary. Mario Di Donato, a musician and painter, after an exhibition of his works in the church this summer decided to leave them to the parish forever. Young Beato Sulpricio (Pescosansonesco 1817 - Napoli 1837) died in Naples worshipped by the people and the king himself for his sanctity.

4 October 2000 - Il Centro

Spoltore - A Roman furnace excavated / Rinvenuta una fornace d'epoca romana, by Gabriella Di Lorito
One month after beginning the excavations in the area of Santa Teresa a furnace and workshop of 200 AD furnace were excavated, with dozens of pots and bottles in terracotta. The Roman factory was very large, and possibly worked for centuries.

4 October 2000 - Il Centro

Caramanico - Parade in Münich for the musical band / Caramanico sfila a Monaco
At the Oktober Fest this year a representation of Caramanico Terme, a sister city to Kirckheim, near Münich, will be in the Parade to bring some Abruzzi air to the Italians working in Germany.

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