17 June 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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17 June 2000 - Il Messaggero

Pescara - Mourning for Prof. Ermanno Circeo / Lutto per la cultura, è morto Circeo, by Marina Desiderio
85 years old, a man of great culture and an expert of D'Annunzio, Croce, Silone, Leopardi; a teacher until 1963 and finally a school principal and a Professor of Italian Literature in the University of Chieti. All his friends and family will gather for a farewell this morning at Sant'Anna.

17 June 2000 - Il Messaggero

Bomba - Sport festival on the lake / Gran festa sul lago
Today and tomorrow sport events in the wonderful natural landscape: fishing competitions, canoeing, wakeboard, waterskiing and trekking. This evening at Pietraferrazzana a sagra of lake fish and shows.

16 June 2000 - Il Centro

Sulmona - Calendar of events / Ecco le manifestazioni, by Antonio Ranalli
More events within the contest of the Giostra Cavalleresca: tomorrow staging of a play by Giordano Bruno "Sulle strade del candelaio". Next week festival in the district of sestiere di Porta Manaresca, with a Playstation tournament. All the other appointments in the article.

17 June 2000 - Il Centro

Lanciano - Three itineraries through the old town / Tre itinerari nella città vecchia, by Serena Giannico
Under preparations the brochures of the 3 suggested itineraries: a first religious itinerary to the churches, then the excavations and piazza Plebiscito to finish at San Francesco; a second cultural itinerary from ponte Diocleziano, through the medieaval workshops, the Torri Montanare, the archive; a thirds archeological itinerary through the alleys, excavations, private houses.

17 June 2000 - Il Centro

Città sant'Angelo - NIAF delegation from Miami / Entusiasta la delegazione Niaf
A delegation of Italian American association NIAF was received this morning in the municipality to organize a twinship with Miami. John Gale, leader of the group, found the town rich of culture, and the local people proud of their heritage.

17 June 2000 - Il Centro

Catignano - Feast of Santa Irene / Oggi la festa di Santa Irene, by Alessandro Iannetti
Open-air Mass, concerts, music and folklore at the Cappuccini abbey. Mass celebrated by padre Guglielmo Alimonti, a counsellor in the film on padre Pio. Santa Irene is greatly venerated in the area and many miracles are recorded. The organization of all the events was possible thanks to Domenico Di Giacomo and the three elderly friars padre Antonio Giuri, padre Giovanni Caravaggio and padre Pasquale Mucciante.

17 June 2000 - Il Centro

Montorio - Historical re-enactment of the "Barons' Plot" / Rievocazione storica della "Congiura dei baroni"
6th edition of the medieval celebrations for the historical event of 1486. There was a race called "pazzanuda" and the head of the hated Aragonese garrison, called "Mezzafaccia", asked to take part to it. He was not accepted and so he wanted to kiss a young lady, Gemma Spada, whose husband enraged killed him. A battle began and the Aragonese soldiers were all killed. The episode started a rebellion.

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