10 May 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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10 May 2000 - Il Messaggero

Teramo - Photo exhibition of Associated Press / Una mostra di foto storiche
Associated Press, world-known news agency, to celebrate its 150th anniversary, chose the University of Teramo for an exhibition of historical photos from the 19th century to our days. Opening times Monday to Thursday until June 2.

10 May 2000 - Il Centro

Pacentro - Heraldry meeting / Convegno sull'araldica
Local heraldry emblems and chivalrous music of the Middle Ages in a meeting this Sunday May 14 at 17 in the Castello Caldora. The meeting is organized in connection with the reenactment of the 1450 conscription of soldiers for the army of Antonio Caldora. To finish a buffet with medieval cakes.

10 May 2000 - Il Centro

Sulmona - War prisoners along the Freedom Trail / Torneranno dall'estero i reduci della seconda guerra per la "Freedom trail"
Former war prisoners of the Associazione San Martino Trust, based in London, will take part to a march along the trails used by partisans and fugitives. Starting place Sulmona, then Campo di Giove and Palena, to finish in either Pescocostanzo, Castel di Sangro, Pietransieri or Casoli. At every stop there will be facilities to sleep and eat. The group, 100 people of which 70 from England, is made of British, Canadians and Italians .

10 May 2000 - Il Centro

Cesacastina - Thanks for saving an English soldier / Grazie a chi salvò mio padre, by Stefano Cianciotta
In september 1943 three English POW's escape from a German camp and live for 8 months in a cave on the mountains. One of them dies of cold. The others survive thanks to Lola Calandrelli, who every day leaves a basket of food near that cave. 57 years later Albert Allen's children came here to meet the "girl". The British visitors also went up the mounatins to visit the cave.

10 May 2000 - Il Centro

Chieti - Costume parade for San Giustino / Sfilate in costume per il patrono, by Alessandra Fiore
Band, concerts, costume parades this May for San Giustino, patron of the city, whose protection saved the population from the Saracens in the 10th century.

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