27 April 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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27 April 2000 - Il Messaggero

Ortona - Sauce with "hairy" crabs / Sugo coi pelosi, by Barbara Verì
Typical dishes from Ortona (sughetto con i granchi "pelosi", bianchetto or papalina, mendole, cannolicchi, lumachine di mare) with fresh sea food are seeking for a DOC (Denominazione Origine Controllata) name to certify their origin.

27 April 2000 - Il Centro

Pescara - Soon the Casa D'Annunzio on the Internet / Entro maggio il sito di Casa D'annunzio , by Maria Rosa Tomasello
The greatest exhibition of Abruzzese arts and traditions is on the Internet at www.muvi.org, with 14 Abruzzese museums. Hosted on a Texas server, the project came from an idea of Piero de Berardinis, virtual publisher of "Aevo Online": paintings at the Casa di Dante, ceramics at Fondazione Paparella-Treccia, the tools of the Museo delle tradizioni e arti contadine in Picciano, the Istituto nazionale tostiano di Ortona, and soon Casa D'Annunzio.

27 April 2000 - Il Centro

Cocullo - A CDRom on the serpari di Cocullo / I serpari di Cocullo in un Cd rom
The rites of the serpari, San Domenico, the popular traditions of the Valle Peligna in a CDRom on sale from today to May 11 in the provinces of L'Aquila and Pescara at the very special price of 14,000 Lire; in the CdRom also the "corsa degli zingari" of Pacentro, the "Madonna che scappa" in Sulmona, the "strascino" for the Madonna in Pratola Peligna, the stone therapy for San Venanzio in Raiano etc. in over 30 short videos - For information: Edizioni Amatea, tel/fax 0864/728417. Email: edizioniamalteayahoo.it and from 10 May www.amalteaedizioni.it

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