14 March 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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14 March 2000 - Il Messaggero

Lanciano - A great heart in Mozambique mud / Il gran cuore di Lanciano nel fango del Mozambico, by Marcello Giancristofaro
Gianni Ranieri from Lanciano, 38, was a UNO official in Mozambique and Haiti for many years, and is now working with FAO to help the flood-stricken populations; Robin Andrews, 34, is a UNO inspector from North Carolina. Robin and Gianni met some years ago in Mozambique exactly, decided to get married in Assisi, and have now two children Laura, 3 and Gianlorenzo, 2. Gianni's father wanted to keep the children in Italy but Robin wouldn't hear this when she decided she had to join her husband in Mozambique again - before leaving, she wanted to leave this message: «Abruzzesi, one thousand Lire each is nothing for you and everything for them». For donations postal account n.13433651 - of Caritas "pro Mozambico".

14 March 2000 - Il Messaggero

Isola del Gran Sasso - One hundred days from the state exam to San Gabriele for Father Nike / A cento giorni dalla maturità santuario invaso da studenti per padre Nike, by Tania Bonnici Castelli
Half pilgrimage, half rave party for over 10,000 youths from all over Abruzzo, Marche and Molise, under a warm spring sun. Biggest attraction is still padre Maurizio, alias padre Nike, whose words are always so near to the world of young people. The traditional pilgrimage to San Gabriele fro students is aimed at seeking comfort, protection and guidance.

14 March 2000 - Il Centro

Spoltore - A Roman villa and ancient curch discovered / Scoperte una villa e un'antica chiesa, by Gabriella Di Lorito
In 1998 in contrada Cavaticchi a villa of the late Roman age and an ancient medieval church came back to light. Now an archeological area will be established on the spot, where also tombs and remaind of the 8th century were found in later excavations.

14 March 2000 - Il Centro

Civitella del Tronto - Poetry prize / Premio di poesia
The second edition of the "Civitella del Tronto" poetry prize is open to everybody and free. Compositions (one unpublished poem for each participant) can be sent up to 27 april. Four sections: Italian, vernacular, under 14 ad civitellese dialect. Awards next 10 august.

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