24 January 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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24 January 2000 - Il Messaggero

Palena - 100 years' history through ancient photos / Cento anni di storia attraverso la fotografia antica
A new elegant book by Nando Napoleone "Viaggio nella Memoria. Palena, cent'anni di storia attraverso la fotografia antica", published by Giuseppe Tinari, Villamagna, traces the history of Palena through a flood (1929), WW2 (1943-44), a landslide (1965), and such famous visitors as Francesco Paolo Michetti in 1900 with his "velocipede", painter Oreste Recchione riding a horse, and Benito Mussolini welcomed in Via Trento e Trieste.

24 January 2000 - Il Messaggero

Manoppello - Journalists and Artists' Jubilee / Il giubileo di giornalisti e artisti
At Santa Maria d'Arabona, Manoppello Archbishop Edoardo Menichelli will celebrate on the day of San Francesco di Sales a mass and jubilee communion for the media workers, that "have the gift of the word like Jesus".

24 January 2000 - Il Centro

Recipe from Pescara selected in a national contest / Una ricetta creata a Pescara conquista una giuria nazionale
The "pera abate caramellata al torcolato con gelato di crema", created by Fernando Nucci of the Guerino restaurant, Pescara, has been selected among over 1000 recipes from all over Italy, and will be included in the February final for the best new Italian recipe. the torcolato is a special liquor wine and Nucci, who is also a great sommelier, is preparing a book on 120 Italian liquor wines and the best matching desserts. His motto: «Few things, but well done».

24 January 2000 - Il Centro

Pescasseroli - 15 mayors asks to confirm Fulco Pratesi to the Park's presidency / 15 sindaci chiedono di nuovo Pratesi, by Cristina Notarantonio
After the three regions included in the Park have also made his name, now Pratesi has on his side also the majority of the mayors.

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