16 January 2000

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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16 January 2000 - Il Messaggero

Fara Filiorum Petri - The "farchie" festival / Le farchie tra mito e leggenda
On the day of Sant'Antonio abate high piles of canes will be set on fire before the Cemetery to the sound of a musical band. The "farchie" will be carried by tractors or on the shoulders. The tradition started in 1799 when, says the tradition, Saint Anthony miraculously changed into troops the oak trees of a nearby forest, stopping the French invaders from sacking the town. But former parish priest Monsignor Antonio Erratico says the French were beaten by the poor woodcutters of the village who wanted to thank the patron with this tradition.

16 January 2000 - Il Messaggero

Eleven nude males on a calendar to pull their wives' legs / I giuliesi nudi sul calendario per fare uno scherzo alle mogli, by Gabriele Mastellarini
The calendary (or ignominously "culandario") for Giulianova: the 11 "models" though with some extra kg in comparison to mythical Raul Bova, were not afraid at all of getting into the news, and allowed their identities to be made public. Revenues will be donated.

16 January 2000 - Il Centro

Blessing of livestock tomorrow in Raiano / Benedizione degli animali domani a Raiano, by Pasquale D'Alberto
For the feast of Sant'Antonio Abate animals will be brought to piazza Umberto Postiglione, many of them decorated with wreaths, then they will be blessed by parish priest Egidio Berardi. Meanwhile at Pasquale Mostacci's "ranoipe" (boiled corn) will be offered accompanied by local wine. Finally a procession will follow the saint's statue from the church to the quarter called Sant'Antonio. In the afternoon a big "polentata" and popular band. Saint Anthony is a patron of peasants, and all over the Valle Subequana celebrations dating back to ancestral times will be held.

16 January 2000 - Il Centro

Pescara - An Italy-shaped pizza in 20 varieties for the Italian regions / Una pizza a forma di Italia con ingredienti tipici di ognuna delle regioni
Linda Di Tillio, owner of pizzeria "Il Gabbiano", made a giant pizza in the form of a boot, which was offered in pieces to the many visitors yesterday afternoon, seasoned in different tastes: for Sicily eggplants, for Sardinia pecorino, for Calabria broccoli and salami, etc, and a special "mare-monti" (mushrooms and shrimps) for Abruzzo. A special scamorza cooked only at the top was used for the volcanoes.

16 January 2000 - Il Centro

Bolognano - Saint Anthony is back / Torna la festa di Sant'Antonio, by Marco Tabellione
A small musical group, as every year, will go from house to house performing the famous, ancient "coro di Sant'Antonio", a dialect song for which many versions exist from the different places in the Val Pescara. In the past also representations were organized and festivals of the many local choirs.

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