9 December 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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9 December 1999 - Il Messaggero

A very great beginning of the winter season with former ski-champion Tomba as testimonial / Inizia sotto i migliori auspici la stagione invernale. Anche grazie all'ex campionissimo - Tomba entusiasma i suoi fans a Passolanciano, Maielletta
People from neighbouring regions are crowding the ski-fields in Abruzzo. Also Japanese tour operators are getting interested. Since half November it is possible to ski. Every resort full yesterday: 4000 people at Campo Felice, 3000 at Ovindoli, 2700 on Campo Imperatore. And Alberto Tomba showed up at Passolanciano.

9 December 1999 - Il Messaggero

PASSOLANCIANO - A crowd of fans for Tomba / Tomba-testimonial fa l'en plein di fans - by Giuseppe Rendine
Only 15 cm snow, but a wonderful sunney day welcomed Alberto Tomba at Passolanciano. The kids of the ski schools surrounded him for autographs while the champion said: «You have a great resource here: it is fantastic to ski with the sea on the horizon.» Then a meal with mushroom timballo, barbecued lamb and ricotta pie at Hotel Maielletta.

9 December 1999 - Il Centro

ATRI - A photo library / Biblioteca fotografica
Inauguration in Atri of the first photo library in Abruzzo, with a first donation to the Ethnographic Museum. Gianfranco Arciero, professor of photo journalism at the prestigious Luiss university in Rome, who organized the "La fotografia per la pace e la libertà" exhibition, is starting in Atri a photo lab: children of an elementary school will receive a disposable Agfa and go around taking pictures of the town.

9 December 1999 - Il Centro

A school theatre project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Casa di Dante in Torre de' Passeri / Progetto per celebrare il ventennale della fondazione della Casa di Dante - by Jolanda Ferrara
100 students will stage an Inferno at teatro Massimo next Monday within a project called "Comedia", organized by the Casa di Dante in Abruzzo, Torre de' Passeri. The Casa di Dante directed by professor Corrado Gizzi in Castello Gizzi, Torre de' Passeri, has worked these twenty years towards a rediscovery at all stages of Dante's Comedy and its connections to the visual arts. Until Sunday Castello Gizzi features "Dante istoriato, venti anni di ricerca iconografica dantesca" exhibition.

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