24 October 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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24 October 1999 - Il Messaggero

FRANCAVILLA - "Dancing" Father Ico sent to a monastery among grieving parishioners / Padre Ico spedito in convento a Todi, stupore e polemiche fra i parrocchiani / Il prete »ballerino» divide Francavilla - by Daniela Burgassi
Gossip magazine "La Dolce Vita" showed the priest among his youths in a disco in San Giovanni Teatino. Now he has been moved to Todi, Umbria. But also in the past some old-style faithfuls protested anonymously against his "modern" approach.

24 October 1999 - Il Centro

CELANO - Pope's blitz to Celano maybe for a long-promised visit to an old man - Nobody realized the Pope was there / Visita lampo del Papa a Celano - Breve sosta per salutare il padre di un funzionario del Vaticano - Nessuno si è accorto della presenza in città del Santo Padre. Contributed by Dante Cardamone, article by Nino Motta
John Paul II visited Luigino Biocca, father to Egildo, a superintendent in the Vatican. He came by car in the pouring rain, stayed for a few minutes with elderly Luigino Biocca. Nobody knows if the Pope returned to Rome immediately, or toured the area, which he loves so much; in past years he used to ski on the Altopiano delle Rocche and trekked in the Aceretta, near Villavallelonga, where there is a commemorative stone of his 1985 visit.

24 October 1999 - Il Centro

PESCASSEROLI - Bear escapes from the park for Latium, is put asleep and recovered / L'animale addormentato con proiettili al sonnifero - Orso bruno «evade» dal Parco - Viene recuperato nel Lazio
Maybe tired of the forest quiet a big brown bear left the park and reached the main square of Fontana Liri, province of Frosinone, worriedly eyed by the residents. Police, fire brigade, forest guards arrived and studied a plan. After some hours they found it and put him to sleep with sleeping bullets. Then the bear was carried back to Pescasseroli and set free.

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