29 August 1999

The summaries in English were extracted from complete articles published on Il Centro - Quotidiano d'Abruzzo and Il Messaggero - Abruzzo edition.

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29 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

Abruzzese emigrants ask for a recognition of their associations / Gli abruzzesi lontani vogliono un riconoscimento per le loro associazioni - Emigranti, dopo la festa un albo regionale - by Maria Pasetti
The Abruzzese never forgot their ancestral land, and have formed associations to keep the ties to their region alive. This originated the proposal of a regional album of the associations. Satisfaction among all participants from many parts of Italy, but also from Switzerland, Germany and Venezuela. The Premio Maiella, awarded to distinguished Abruzzese, is an example of this cooperation.

29 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

The monastery of San Francesco will host an interregional congress - Eucharistic miracle, closed until October / Il monastero di San Francesco ospiterà un congresso interregionale Miracolo eucaristico, si riapre a ottobre - by Walter Berghella
LANCIANO - Soon over the restoration of the monastery, which houses the relics of the Eucharistic Miracle (Christ's flesh and blood that appeared in a consecrated Host), will be over. From 17 to 4 October the Abruzzo-Molise Eucharistic congress will take place in Lanciano, which is one of Christianity destinations for next year's Jubilee. Almost over also the works for the underground archaeological tunnel from the ponte di Diocleziano to the ancient church of San Legonziano.

29 August 1999 - Il Messaggero

»Lu lope» returns - Great feast in Villamagna Torna »Lu lope» - gran festa a Villamagna
The traditional re-enactement of the wolf miracle will close Villamagna's summer. This morning at 12 in Piazza Guglielmo Marconi a pantomime of an episode from the life of San Domenico abate: a couple from the woods prays the saint to have back their baby, carried away by a wolf, and the Saint convinces the wolf.

29 August 1999 - Il Centro

Archaeological Park, thousands of tourists. Management to the municipality / Parco archeologico, migliaia di turisti - La gestione verrà affidata al Comune
VASTO. The Archaeological Park in via Adriatica, with its superb, recently restored Neptune mosaic, was visited by thousands of tourists this year, will be controlled by the municipality. Important destinations in Vasto: the Civic museum, with a permanent exhibition of the works by the Palazzi brothers, and the Neapolitan gardens of Palazzo D'Avalos.

29 August 1999 - Il Centro

Today 20,000 at the sanctuary for the 40th anniversary of San Gabriele's appointment as Patron of Abruzzo - Big farewell party - Palermo's archbishop closes the Tendopoli - Oggi al santuario in ventimila per i 40 anni della proclamazione di San Gabriele patrono d'Abruzzo - Grande festa per dirsi arrivederci - L'intervento dell'arcivescovo di Palermo chiude la Tendopoli - by Carlo Giannascoli
ISOLA DEL GRAN SASSO. Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi closed the XIX Tendopoli at the sanctuary os San Gabriele. In the morning Marcia della speranza from Isola del Gran Sasso to the sanctuary, then a Mass before the over 1500 youths (average age 21 yrs). Today 20,000 pilgrims are expected for the 40th celebration of San Gabriele's Abruzzo patronage. At 17 hours a procession with the urn with the saint's remains, and at 20 a band concert and fireworks.

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