Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi, Province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo

Up in the Gran Sasso, against the background of Monte Prema and Monte Camicia, amid splendid oak and leech woods, Villa Santa Lucia rises near an ancient fortress called "il Castelluccio", near a route connecting in the past the Valle Tritana with the Voltigno Plateau. The coat of arms is Santa Lucia with a palm twig in her hand.


  • Altitude: 850 m a.s.l
  • Distance from L'Aquila: 55 km
  • Population: ca. 300 inhabitants
  • Postal code: 67020
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0862
  • How to reach it: by road, SS17 from L'Aquila or Pescara, then road to Ofena.


Archeological findings show that the area was inhabited in pre-Roman times already, as shown also a dolmen in contrada Castelluccio, megalithic walls in Valle San Nicola, and a number of caves showing traces of prehistoric man. It is recorded as a Vestine settlement as Aufinaes Cismontani, then the Romans attacked and destroyed it. The village rose in the Middle Ages, and was for a long time a "villa" depending from the "universitas" of Ofena. In 1910 only it became an independent municipality, and included also the area of Villa Carrufo. Then a massive emigration of the inhabitants began along with the decline of the traditional pastoral and agricultural economy.
Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi

What to see

  • The Castelluccio.
  • Santa Maria delle Vicenne, a medieval countryside church.
  • The ruins of an ancient church in Borgo Colle venatorio, possibly the one mentioned in 1112 in a document by Pope Pasquale II as dedicated to Santa Lucia.
  • The Municipal Museum, consisting of items donated by the inhabitants.
  • The Voltigno valley, rich in mushrooms and strawberries, where for thousands of years the local breeders kept their livestock.

Events and Festivities

  • August: Feast of patron Santa Lucia.

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