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  • If you want to allow to other people to reply to your message publicly, it is better to post your request in the Province and Regions Forum, which require however registration and therefore a valid e mail address.
  • You are free to leave or not to leave, your email address or other personal data. Consider that, once you post your e-mail address, you have the advantage of allowing other visitors to reply to you directly. But you also have to be aware that your address becomes public, and this means you may receive unwanted mail. A solution might be to register an address with a free service, and use that on the web, keeping your private address for colleagues and friends - though that would not last long either. A good solution is to subscribe to your provider's anti-spam systems. In our guestbook the e-mail addresses are partly cloaked to avoid automatic robots, but it will be easy to collect them for human harvesters.
  • We will delete messages including names and addresses of people, even if taken from public sources like the Italian white pages. If you need names and addresses, you can use www.paginebianche.it
  • We will delete messages offensive of the common moral sense, of other nationalities, races, religions, in the name of the culture and tolerance of the Italian people developed through centuries of foreign domination, sufferings and hardships.
  • We will delete messages advertising products or services, for which we advise to use your own websites, since this Guestbook is not a commercial showcase.
  • Consider that these guestbooks contain messages going as far back as the year 1998, which is a very long time on the internet; this means many emails provided and also other details posted may be completely outdated. Please do not contact us asking for updated email addresses of visitors. We do not know them.
  • And PLEASE, do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS, which is like SHOUTING on the web.

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