Tornareccio, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo

Dominated by Mount Pallano, on top of which are the remains of prehistoric walls, the village also preserves parts of medieval walls. Agriculture, livestock raising and dairy products are thriving activities.


  • Altitude: 630 m a.s.l
  • Distance from Chieti: 77 km
  • Population: ca. 1900 inhabitants in 2010
  • Postal code: 66046
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0872
  • Frazioni: Collecase, San Giovanni, Torricchio
  • How to reach it: by motorway, A14 exit Vasto Nord; by road, SS 364 from Casalbordino.


In pre-Roman times on Mount Pallano there was a human settlement. In the Middle Ages the countryside was colonized by Benedictine monks. Among the feudal lords of the place were the Tambelli and then the Colonna. Pasquale Borrelli, a distinguished philosopher, physician and politician, was born here in 1782.

What to see

  • The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine, with a fine terracotta statue of the Virgin and Child of the 15th century.
  • The remains of megalithic walls on Monte Pallano
  • The Convent of Vallaspra, with interesting 16th-century works.

Events and Festivities

  • February: Trade Fair
  • May 3rd: Feast of St. Nicola
  • May 4th: east of St. Emidio
  • 15-16 July: Feast of Madonna del Carmine (=Our Lady of Mount Carmel)
  • 29-30-31 August: Feasts of Perdono (=Forgiveness), Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Vincenzo.

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