"La Partenze" in Arsita

The song in Arsita, collected by prof. Profeta in 1949, consists of 4 stanzas: in the first the bride comments on her painful departure, in the second the chorus encourages her to get ready, in the third all the house expresses the pain, in the last the singers take their leave from the bride.

Versions of "La Partenze"

Dialect text

Partenza dillirose, vita cara
Chi sa dumanassere duva mi trove.
O mi trove luntane luntane tante
O nella case di lu mije amante.

Bianche e rusciette annurdine li panne
Si n'haminute l'ore di partire.
'N-case di la mamme ci state tante
'N-case dill'amante si deve ire.

Piagne li mure e suspire li porte
Si deve ire duve vo' la sorte.
Piagne li porte e suspire li mure
Si deve Ji, duva vo' la vinture.

Queste li diche nallu pete di rose
La bbona sere alla signora spose.

English Translation

Painful departure, dear life
Who knows where I will be tomorrow night.
if I will be so far, far away
or in my lover's house.

Prepare the linen red and white
The time to leave has come.
You were so long in your mother's house
In your lover's house you must go.

The walls cry and the doors sigh
You must go where destiny leads.
The doors cry and the walls sigh
You must go where fortune leads.

These we say to the petals of the rose
Good evening to you, lady bride.