Lu Sant'Andonie, Abruzzo traditional song

"Sand'Andonje a lu deserte" or "Lu sand'Andonje" is an Italian folk song, of anonymous authors. The song tells about the life of Saint Antony the abbot, celebrated on 17 January, and his comical fights with the devil.
It is usually performed by musicians along the streets of town and villages, in the form often of a pantomime. It is a begging song and the verses are sung mainly on the eve of the feast of Sant'Antonio abbot, from the afternoon of January 16 until late at night to 17 January, the day of the feast of the saint. The cult has always been very lively in the Abruzzo agro-pastoral world, where the saint is revered as a protector of domestic animals. The numerous stanzas recall, with a playful spirit, the temptations of Saint Anthony, the proverbial struggles between the anchorite and Satan.

Dialect version

Bona sera bona gente
che durmete allegramente.
ve defenne Sant'Andonie
prutettore contra lu demonie.

A stu sante na bona mojie
li parente j'aveve ufferte,
isse scappe a lu deserte
pe n'ave' li scucciature.

Sant'Antonie nghe le busse
jeve a cacce de ciammariche,
lu demonie j' dà na vusse
e lu manne 'mmiezze alle urtiche.

Sant'Antonie nnallu piatte
ce magneve li tajuline,
lu demonie uatte uatte
je s'arrobbe la furcine.

natru iourne 'nghe li baffe
l'ha 'ngundrate satanasse,
se li pije e ci l'aggraffe,
ci lu leghe mbacce a nu sasse.

bona notte gente amiche,
lu signore ve benediche
e v'accresce lu patrimonie
'nghe le grazie de Sant'Antonie.

English version

Good evening good people
you who are sleeping safely.
Sant'Antonio defends you
your protector from the devil.

To this saint a good wife
his relatives had offered,
he escapes into the desert
to avoid all nuisance.

Sant'Antonio with his basket
went to find snails,
the devil gives him a push
and sends him falling into small nettle.

St. Anthony in his dish
was eating his noodles,
the devil furtively
steals his fork.

The other day wearing moustache
Satan met him,
caught and scratched him,
tied him on a rock.

Goodnight good people,
May the Lord bless you
and increase your properties
through St. Anthony's grace.