Exhibition on Italian migrations

The Central State Archive, Rome, hosts an exhibition on "Italian Migrations", following the stories of 28 million Italians: photographies and testimonials, glimpses of lives narrating the great collective history of the Italians who emigrated to the United States, Australia and Europe.

The exhibition is part of the wider project "The Dream, in order not to forget: the diaspora of the Italian people in the United States during the 20th century", and can be visited from 17 November until 10 December 2005.
Devised to explore one of the most important chapters of the Italian national history, "Italian Migrations" makes advantage of the documents and photographs collected during the 30-year activity of the "Altreitalie" project, a creature of the Giovanni Agnelli Fundation. One of its aims is to supply a quantification of the Italian migratory phenomenon, through the main events of the emigrants' experience in the late 19th-early 20th centuries: the travel, finding a job, a house, the introduction into the social milieu of the receiving country, the relationship with the origin country.

The time that has gone by since then must not lead to forget the difficulties of the Italian diaspora, the discriminations endured (among them the Sacco and Vanzetti case), the hardship of working in factories and mines (as an example the the tragedy of Marcinelle in Belgium): the exhibition also offers a survey into the integration that took place from the second to the third generations. A special attention is devoted to the present situation, with insights on the Italian communities in the world, the electoral behavior of Italians living in foreign countries and the transformation of Italy from a country of emigration to an immigration country.