Easter Recipes

Easter Omelette

  • 8 eggs
  • 400 grams of sheep ricotta
  • olive oil, salt and pepper
  • mint leaves as necessary.


In a large bowl beat the eggs and thoroughly mix them with the ricotta, add the pennyroyal, salt and pepper. Heat some oil in the frying pan of about 20 cm diameter, pour the mixture and let cook until well curdled. The "frittata" is excellent both cold and hot.

Egg and Lamb: Easter symbols

The traditional dishes at Easter are based on eggs and lamb. Eating eggs, a symbol of fertility, celebrated the springtime: inside the egg the mystery of life was hidden, symbolized by the resurrection of nature. On the basis of existing pagan beliefs, the early Christians made the egg a symbol of Christ, a messenger of life, and they began to distribute baskets of blessed eggs among the believers. The egg is the sign of a new life that buds in a secret enclosure, life that is renewed. The egg was also a symbol of eternity since it does not have a starting or arrival point.

Eating the lamb instead reminds us of the Sacrifice of Christ, "God's Lamb". The Easter menu will be based on these two foods. Eggs in appetizers, salt pies, salads and desserts. Nowadays, hard-boiled or painted, white or chocolate, the Easter egg is a great Italian art. The egg is the undisputed protagonist of Easter. Then lamb meat, prepared in a thousand ways, accompanied by salads and season firstlings in honor of nature born again after the long winter death.