March 2002 - Year III, No. 15

Art and Architecture

cover Possibly the oldest church in Abruzzo, San Pietro ad Oratorium was founded by the last Lombard king Desiderius over 1,200 years ago


Abruzzo Citeriore (Province of Chieti) as it appeared to the eyes of Enrico Abbate, a scholar and keen traveller in Abruzzo, in the early 20th century, just as a great number of the inhabitants were emigrating.


An easy itinerary in the mountains between the Province of L'Aquila and Rieti, up to the entrance of the longest, partly still to explore, grotto in Abruzzo (Vaccamorta)


An easy Easter recipe and comments on the eggs and lamb associated with Easter in the Hebrew and Christian tradition.


cover The Holy Week and Easter in Abruzzo are rich of beautiful traditions which the population loves and strives to keep alive intheir true original spirit.