February 2002 - Year III, No. 14

Art and Architecture

cover The Castle of the powerful D'Avalos in Vasto, a magnificent residence overlooking a wonderful Gulf from the terrace and the fantastic gardens.


cover The Three Abruzzi, an article to shed light on the division of the Provinces, the Circondari, Mandamenti and Communes, in the 19th century, with a map of the mandamenti.


cover Whole villages, men and their families, migrated up into the mountains to the summer pastures, to be near their sheep and cattle and recreate a duplicate village.


The Lent season is here, and housewives invented recipes based on fish to accompant the ever-present pasta.


Who would imagine that the lascivious appetite of a young D'Avalos marquis from Vasto and a maid's refusal originated the tomato sauce?


cover The Patron of Abruzzo, and of Italian youth, San Gabriele lived hs short life and in a santuary at the foot of the Great Mountain, where for 100 years now endless miracles have taken place.