History of a family: the Melatino

The Melatino family originated from the Lombards. Historian Niccola Palma from Teramo reports that the Melatinos appeared in the 13th century, as lords of Campli and a castle, called precisely "Melatino", now no more extant, from which they took their name. The family crest was characterized by an apple tree.
In the following centuries they played a great role in the history of Teramo. The Melatino became extinct in the male line. The family descendancy passed through marriage of the female members into the Berarducci family of Teramo, who settled later in Castellino di Jesi and Bisceglie.

Prominent Family Members

  • Among the first names recorded for the family we have Maccabeo, who was the Lord of Melatino, Campora and Nepezzano in the year 1160.
  • His descendant Matteo, a Knight of Frederick II in 1225, was entrusted with feifdoms near Squillace.
  • Guglielmo Melatino was a Governor of Anagni in 1335 for King Roberto, and Berardo Melatino was the Podestà of Florence in 1347.
  • Roberto Melatino was the Captain of Campli in 1394, and was the leader of the feud against Antonello della Valle, who prevailed becoming the Lord of Teramo.
  • Enrico Melatino allied with the Acquaviva family in 1390 to kill Antonello della Valle, then, once Andrea Acquaviva, the Duke of Atri, had taken the latter's place in the lordship pf Teramo, Enrico conjured against him and killed Matteo. The revenge of the powerful Acquaviva was terrible: Enrico was slaughtered with many of his family.
  • One of the last members of this family was Mariano Melatino, who was the Regional Bailiff and Judge of L'Aquila in 1456.

The noble families of Teramo

In the middle of the 16th century in Teramo there was a Municipal Council made of 24 members by hereditary right. The city was divided into four quarters, and had 48 families enjoying nobility rights. Therefore half of them were excluded from this Council. The Municipal Book of 1767 lists the following members:
  • Quarter of San Giorgio: Bernardi, Bucciarelli, Cichetti, Delfico, Michitelli di Giovan Nicola, Michitelli di Melchiorre, Michitelli di Vitale, Montani, Rapini, Urbani di Francesco.
  • Quarter of Santo Spirito: Camponesco di Francesco, Ciotti, Corrado, Ercoli, Mariano, Marozzi, Massei di Nicola, Mezzucelli di Giacinto, Montani, Pelliccianti di Berardo, Pelliccianti di Tommaso, Vannemarini.
  • Quarter of Santa Maria: Bernardi-Petrini, Camponesco di Giuseppe, Castelli, Ciotti, de Dominicis, Giordano, Massei di Ferdinando, Massei di Marcantonio, Muzii, Tullio, Urbano di Domenico.
  • Quarter of San Leonardo: Cesio, Mezzucelli di Andrea, Mezzucelli di Francescantonio, Mezzucelli di Pietropaolo, Mezzucelli di Nicola, Pompetti, Salamito, Scimitarra.