The Only True Letter of Our Lord Jesus Christ

"A black and white copy of an oil cloth with a letter and commentary written in Italian. This was in the possession of my grandmother, born in Abruzzi-Molise. The letter is supposedly an eyewitness account of a centurion who witnessed the Crucifixion. The letter was supposed to confer health and good luck to women in childbirth.
I would guess the date of the object to be between 1920 and 1950. This oil cloth was meant to be hung in the kitchen. Many would call this so called letter a scam, an obvious fake. In fact, it seems so phoney as to be laughable. What's not ridiculous is the intent with which so many Italian purchased the "letter." Infant and childhood deaths were very common until recently. Of fourteen births, only six of my grandmother's children survived infancy. This letter was part of her arsenal of personal devotions, all aimed at protecting her and her young family. " Ben Lariccia.

The True Letter

"The Only True Letter of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Of the Blood Drops that Our Lord Jesus Christ shed while ascending the Calvary"

Copy of an Oration letter, found in the Holy Sepulchre of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, kept in a silver box by his Holiness the Pope and by Emperors and Empresses of the Christian Faith. Saint Elizabeth, the Queen of Hungary, Saint Mathilda and Saint Brigida, who wanted to learn something of the Passion of Jesus prayed so fervently that He appeared. And Jesus Christ spoke as follows:

You must know that the soldiers in arms were 150; those who led me in ropes were 23; the justice executioners were 83; the kicks against my back were 80; I was drawn by ropes and my hair 24 times; spits on my face were 180; hits to my body 6666; on my head 110;

They pushed me roughly and at 24 hours they raised me into the air by my hair; I was drawn through my beard 23 times; wounds on my head were 20; thorns of sea weeds were 22; thorn punctures into my head were 110; deadly thorns on my forehead 3; I was dressed as a king in contempt, and flagellated; wounds on my body were 1000; the soldiers who led me up to the Calvary were 608; those who looked at me were 3; those who laughed at me were 1008; blood drops I shed were 28430.

I came down from Heaven on earth to convert you.

In ancient times people were devout and the harvests rich and abundant; now they are scarce. If you want to have rich harvests you are not to work on Sundays. because on Sundays you must go to Church and pray the Lord so that he forgives your sins. God gave you six days to work and one to rest and pray; give alms to the poor and help the Church.

Those who say bad things of my religion and ridicule this Holy Letter will be forsaken by me.

On the contrary, those who will take a copy of this letter on themselves, will not perish of either in drowning or of sudden death. They will be free from contagious disease and safe from lightning; they will also be freed of their enemies. From false witnesses and the hands of justice; they will not die unconfessed.

Women endangered in childbirth, keeping a copy of this letter next to them, will be immediately freed of all perils. In the homes where this Oration is kept, either man or woman will receive the sight of the Blessed Virgin, as Saint Gregory says.

To all faithful who will for three years, every day, 2 Pater, Ave and Gloria, which will make the number of the the blood drops I shed, I will grant the following 5 gifts:
1. Plenary Indulgence and pardon of all their sins.
2. If they should die before the three years have gone by, it will be as if they had accomplished the three years.
3. They will be freed of the Penance of Purgatory.
4. Their death will be deemed as if they had shed all their blood for the Holy Faith.
5. I will descend from Heaven to receive their soul and the souls of their relatives to the fourth generation.


Another similar copy of the said Letter was found in a place called "Pursit", three miles from Marseille, written in golden letters and by divine hand, carried by a seven-year-old boy, also coming from Pursit; with an appendix and a statement of 2 January 1750 quoting: "All those who work on a Sunday will be cursed by me, because on the sacred day you must rest, go to Church, attend to Divine Service, so that you and your generation will be blessed. If on the contrary you will not believe this, you will be punished, and to your children I will send plague, hunger and war, pain and heart sorrow; I will show you my wrath with signs in the sky, thunder and earthquake.

Those who will not believe this Letter was written by divine hand and dictated by the Holy Mouth of Christ, and who will hide it to other people, will be cursed by God and damned on the Day of Judgment: and those who will publish it, though they may have gravely sinned and offended their fellow beings, on condition they are truly repentant of having offended me and ask for my forgivance, they will have their sins wiped away by me: those who will copy this Letter, or will read it, or will get others to read it, will be free of any temptation".

A Spanish Captain, travelling near Barcelona, saw on the ground a head detached from its bust, who spoke to him like this: "Since you are on your way to Barcelona, dear traveler, send a Priest to me, so that I may be confessed. it is three days I was attacked by thieves and cannot die before being confessed". The Captain took a Confessor to the place; the living head was confessed and died. On the body from which the head was detached this Oration was found, and on that occasion it was approved by many Inquisition Tribunals and by the Queen of Spain. The said Pater, Ave and Gloria can be recited in favor of any soul.

At the time of the earthquake in Northern Italy and France, a little girl named Natalina was for three days buried under the debris. When she was rescued, they found her asleep, with a copy of this letter on her, though she could not read or write.

On 12 march 1821 many emigrants left San Giovanni Incarico, province of Caserta, for America in search of a job. During the sea passage the ship was caught by a violent storm and sank. this happened on the 19th, the feast of St. Joseph. Out of 667 people on board, only 9 survived, and each of them had one letter of Jesus Christ like this one! The survivors were found almost naked, wearing only their waistcoats, in whose pockets the Letter was found, dry and thoroughly intact. Two of the survivors, Luigi Ceccaccio and Francesco Nero, from the same town, supplied ample evidence of the miracle.

Another miracle of the Holy Letter of Jesus Christ took place on the island of Liri, always in Italy. A man was peacefully asleep in his bed, when a mysterious hand shook him abruptly and a voice thundered: "Rise and run into a corner of your home!" the man obeyed hastily just in time to see the floor disappear into an abyss.

Miracle made by the Vergine Addolorata: - Three miles from Castelpetroso, in the province of Campobasso, 13-year-old Maria Grazia Estasia Bibiana was guarding her sheep in the company of her mother near an old monastery when suddenly the Vergine Addolorata appeared to them and said: "Come with me into the old Church, where my Son is celebrating Mass and I have to serve". The two women went and, once the Divine Service was over, the Virgin spoke like this : "My Son is disgusted with the people of this world, since they make too many sins, vice reigns everywhere and religion is forgotten; terrible earthquakes, plague, hunger and war will come as grate trials for the human kind. Go to Church, do not sin, confess regularly and take Communion at least once a year, so that He will forgive your sins". And with these words the Virgin disappeared.

A more recent miracle took place on 30 June 1889. At Ancona station, when the train to Rome was about to leave, a mourning Lady appeared, who, non having the money for the trip, could not get on the train. The train left, but a short while later stopped. and though 5 more engines were added, there was no way that it would start again. One Cavaliere Morelli, who had noticed the mourning lady at the station, came back and offered to pay her ticket, she accepted the offer on condition she was allowed to travel alone. The gentleman paid 47 lire for a first-class ticket and, as soon as the lady got on the train this left almost magically, to the awe of one and all. When they came in Rome, since Cavaliere Morelli wanted to give his regards to the lady, he came into the waggon where she had taken seat, but the compartment was empty; on the seat he found money for 2000 Lire and a note written in golden letters saying: "I am the Lady of Sorrows, and I want to say to the sinners of the world who want to convert, believe in God and serve Him, or a terrible calamity will soon come over Christianity."

His Holiness the Pope, on 2 October 1889, received a letter where he found that if, in the future, people should not forsake the devil and ill actions, and should not solemnly promise to live well, according to God's law, according to the Law of God they would be destroyed. This letter, sent to the Pope by Our Lord Jesus Christ, confirmed the miracle of Our Lady of Sorrowsof Ancona and said that on Good Friday no visitor had gone to the Holy Sepulchre; it also said that that the people should be reminded of the Day of Judgement, when the Faithful will be rewarded with the glory of Heaven and the evil souls will be cast into the tortures of fire and unimaginable sufferings.

On 2 July 1889, when a terrible flood destroyed everything, making innumerable victims, the very few survivors were those who mostly had this Letter with themselves.

During the terrible earthquake in Southern France, which caused great disaster and claimed innumerable lives, one Giovanni Saltarello was buried alive under the debris of a collapsing house. He was saved after four days and nights of terrible agony, and he too was in possession of this Holy Letter.

When the miracle of Our Lady of Sorrows of Ancona took place, the population of Castelpetroso, province of Campobasso, was so moved by the divine Grace that they resumed their religious practice and pilgrimage and, in agreement with the civil and religious authorities, they decided to build a large Temple in honor of Our Lady.

On the 9th September, the date fixed for the laying of the First Stone, the Bishop of Bojano, with archpriest Achille Ferrari, in the company of other men of the clergy, civil authorities and an enormous number of faithful people, moved to the established spot to give a start to the works. But when the diggers were just about to begin excavations, their tools suddenly disappeared from their hands and to all the people there Our Lady of Sorrows appeared, and spoke with this words: "Why are you excavating in this place? not far from here, inside these wonderful woods, you will find the Sanctuary you are looking for". Astounded and speechless, the crowd say Our Lady fade away, ascending towards the Sky. Some days later, three miles away, in the vicinity of a monastery, a chapel was found, made with flowers and gold stars, with three magnificent fountains, built certainly by divine hands.

On the solemn occasion of the Last Jubilee Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to the Pope, who was at the moment sitting in his Throne, surrounded by Cardinals, Bishops and Great Authorities of the Church. And the Holy Spirit spoke as follows: "Ye people of the world, abandon your sins, or the world will be near to its end!" And at these words disappeared. Then all those who were present fell on their knees before the Pope, begging for pardon and mercy.

Let us then all believe in the Holy Letter of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who can obtain so many graces and perform so many miracles!