History of a family: the Caldoras

Coat of Arms In 1304 King Charles II of Anjou assigned the fiefdoms of Pietraferrazzana, Villa Santa Maria, Civita Luparella and Faldo (today Fallo) to he Caldora family.
Everywhere in southern Abruzzo the Caldora went in search of the most unreachable sites where they built their castles and kept strong garrisons. Their center was the castle of Civita Luparella, which they made almost unconquerable cutting the mountain in two sides.

The Family in Abruzzo

Jacopo Caldora was born in Castel del Giudice on 1368 and married Rita Cantelmo. Jacopo did not take any nobility title and was happy with his name - When the king offered him more honors, after his key role in the defeat of Braccio da Montone, he said his own Caldora name was his greatest honor already.

He was also the Lord of Bari, Vasto, Monteodorisio, Pacentro, Arce, Trivento, Palena, Anversa, Valva, Campo di Giove. After the defeat of Braccio da Montone, his power was so great that the King himself started to fear.

His son Antonio Caldora sided with the Anjou against his sovereign, Ferdinand of Aragon. The rebellion was defeated in a historical battle near Montorio on 7 may 1486. Antonio Caldora found refuge in the state of the Church, and the populations of the hamlets around Civita Luparella sacked the castle and utterly destroyed it.