Morricana Waterfalls

The itinerary follows the Southern valley of the Castellano stream to reach the Morricana Waterfall through the Martese Forest, the most spectacular of the Laga Group, a mountain range starting from the Sibillini mountains, from which it is divided by the Tronto river, and ending at the Gran Sasso mountains, from which it is divided by the Vomano river.

Starting place is a mountain pass at 1.334 meters above sea level, a favorite place of trekkers and mushroom seekers (in the local restaurant Albergo Julia it is possible to taste exquisite mushroom courses). The itinerary is at its best in early autumn; high boots are suggested. Approximate time, both ways, is about 5 hours.

The Territory

Laga Mountains The area is typical for the rich vegetation, especially White Firtrees, and abundant waters. It is possible to sight hawks and owls, and in the woods keep in hiding wolves, wildcats and in the last few years also the Marsian brown bear.


  • Starting Place: Il Ceppo at 1,334 meters - which can be reached by car from Teramo following S.P. 48 (37 Km), or from Ascoli Piceno by S.P. 49 towards the Valle Castellana (17 km). Near the Albergo Julia, follow to the left for under 1 km and leave your car in the small parking area there.
  • Take the dirt road on the right and get into the Bosco della Martese; follow the path for about one hour as far as a ditch, in the vicinity of an "ENEL" (Ente Nazionale Energia Elettrica) refuge.
  • Proceed for another half hour, and reach a crossroads, where you will proceed to the left along a now level pathway.
  • After passing a small stream and a short ascent, take the pathway on the left and enter the beech wood. Century-old trees make the forest so thick that hardly any sunlight comes through, and you'll be enwrapped in a splendid unreal light under a green sky of leaves, amid sounds of flowing water and bird songs.
  • Always following the path, leave the forest and reach a valley through which a small stream flows; after this and still another stream that you'll cross (use caution for the bottom is slippery) proceed to the left and enter still another wood, and out of it you will be in front of the Morricana Waterfall, dropping 40 meters into the Cannavine ditch.


The Bosco Martese is connected to great events of the Second World War. Here on 25 and 26 September 1943 there was the first fighting action of the Resistance against the Germans in Italy. A group of enemies of the Fascist regime organized a military band of over 1,000 men, who were soldiers of the recently dissolved Italian army, escaped Allied prisoners, Slavs and many young civilians. At Bosco Martese they attacked a German division.

It is interesting also to mention that in the shadows of the giant trees of the forest also a battle is reported between the Abruzzese Roman allies and Hannibal, who was defending the pass called today Guado di Annibale a short distance from the Gole del Salinello.

Photos by Valter Carapellese, nature photographer untimely deceased in 2011. Drawing by L.Mazzeschi
Morricana Waterfall