Learn Italian with Literature

Learn Italian with prose and poems of Italian literature, original text with parallel English translation. Passages and lyrics from famous - and not so famous - Italian writers have been selected to let you appreciate the Italian language through those who mastered it in the highest degree.
A variety of famous, and not so famous, poems and passages of literary works were chosen, so as to savour different periods and styles, and appreciate the best expressions in the Italian language. The excerpts are introduced with a historical and literary background and, whenever possible, include a video as well.
Recent Additions
La Ricotta - Pier Paolo Pasolini
La Ricotta
A sketch with Orson Welles playing a Marxist, bossy director in a "movie within the movie" routine...
La gatta CenerentolaLa Gatta Cenerentola
The original, Neapolitan Cinderella fable, adapted to a musical and animated film...
Umberto Eco
"Come va?"
Umberto Eco imagines the answers that famous figures might give to the common question Come va?...
SiloneSono un Terrone
An interview to Ignazio Silone on the importance of his roots, and his beloved peasants of Marsica...
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