Oh mia bela Madunina

The song was written by Giovanni D'Anzi in 1935. The "Madunina" is the gilted statue on top of Milan Cathedral.
In 1934 Giovanni D'Anzi worked as a pianist and singer at the "Pavillon Doré" in Milan.

At the time the city was receiving thousands of laborers from Italian rural areas, and especially from southern Italy, so he was often prompted by the audience to play songs from the Neapolitan tradition. Therefore he composed this slightly ironical song, which over time became the symbol of the city of Milan.

A disen: "La canzon la nass a Napoli"
e certament gh'hann minga tutt i tòrt
Surriento, Margellina, tutt'i popoli
i avrann cantaa almen on milion de vòlt.
Mi speri che se offendarà nissun
se parlom on ciccin anca de numm.
They say: "The song was born in Naples"
and surely they are not so wrong
Sorrento, Margellina, all the people
must have sung it at least one million times.
I hope I am not offending anybody
if I speak a little of us too.
Oh mia bela Madunina
che te brillet de lontan
tutta dòra e piscinina
Ti te dòminet Milan
sòtta a Ti se viv la vita
se sta mai coj man in man.
Canten tucc: "Lontan de Napoli se moeur"
ma poeu vegnen chi a Milan!
O my beautiful Madunina
you who are shining from afar
all gold and so small
you reign over Milan
beneath you life is lived
Nobody is ever lazy.
Everybody sings: "You die away from Naples"
but then they come here to Milan!
Adess gh'è la canzon de Roma magica
de Nina, el Cupolone, el Rugantin.
Se sbatten in del Tever: "Roma tragica!"
Esageren, me par, on ciccinin
Sperem che vegna minga la mania
de mettess a cantà: "Malano mia!"
And here is the song of magical Rome
of Nina, the big Dome, Rugantin.
They sing abot the Tiber: "tragical Rome!"
They exaggerate, I think, a little bit
Let's hope they do not fancy
to start singing: "my Malano!"
Oh mia bela Madunina [...]
O my beautiful Madunina...
Sì, vegnì senza paura
numm ve slongarem la man:
tutt el mond l'è on gran paes
e semm d'accord!
ma Milàn l'è on gran Milàn!
Yes, do come without fear
we'll give you a hand:
all the world is a great village
we agree on that!
but Milàn is a great Milàn!